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    Chad Newbrough Steacy

    University of Georgia
    Athens, GA

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    Ms. Margareta A. Lelea, PhD

    German Institute for Tropical and SubTropical Agriculture, University of Kassel
    Del Mar, CA

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  3. Colleen C. Hiner, PhD
    Colleen C. Hiner, PhD

    Texas State University
    San Marcos, TX

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Sea-level rise threatens islands' maritime rights

As sea levels rise, small island nations could be facing a threat to the legal control they have over their surrounding water -More

Geographer: France's cities, small towns face political, economic divide

In his book "The Peripheral France," geographer Christophe Guilluy notes a divide between the country's major cities and its  -More

The definitive text on globalization is now in a new edition
From Peter Dicken, the foremost authority on economic geography, comes Global Shift, Seventh Edition. This acclaimed text provides an in-depth analysis of how the world economy works and its effects on people and places. Timely topics include tax avoidance and corporate social responsibility; environmental degradation; and more. Learn more >>

Study: Elephants can sense rainstorms

A research team's finding that African elephants can detect approaching storms may prove useful as efforts are made to protec -More

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