PPAG Offer Ideas You Can Actively Support for AAG Annual Meeting

By Edwin C. Butterworth, Jr. posted 08-15-2011 05:25


Please use this Private / Public Practice Affinity Group (PPAG) members' blog as a starting point for finding fellow PPAG members sharing your interests in the ‘organizing of’ and / or ‘participating in’ AAG Annual Meetings sessions, workshops, tours, poster sessions, social events, or other activities

PPAG will attempt to support concepts that garner sufficient level of PPAG participation.  In some cases, a session may gain stronger attendance if sponsored or co-sponsored by other specialty groups.  Suspense data is late September, so please inform me if you seek PPAG sponsorship as soon as possible.   

The AAG Annual Meeting web site provides clear directions that enable any AAG member to initiate a session.  

It is best to only post session concepts for which you can actively support yourself to this blog.    

Ed Butterworth
Chair, Private / Public Practice Affinity Group (PPAG) / AAG