NON-STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT AWARDSPlease consider nominating your colleagues for the Political Geography Specialty Group’s 2022 non-student awards. All non-student nominations should be sent to with the award name in the subject line by December 1, 2021 for consideration. Please note these deadlines are due to the “relatively early” AAG conference date.


    1. Julian Minghi Distinguished Book Award. This award will be given to the author(s) of the best book published during the previous calendar year in the field of political geography (e.g. at AAG 2022, the award will go to a book published in 2021). Nominations should include the citation information for the book and a single paragraph (max. 500 words) explanation of its subject, along with a link to the publisher’s website. Nominations from individual members and presses are permitted, however each press is limited to only one (1) nomination per year. With the exception of current PGSG Board members, self-nominations are permitted.


    1. Virginie Mamadouh Outstanding Research Award.This award will be given to the author(s) of a journal article or book chapter published in the previous three (3) calendar years (2019, 2020, 2021) that makes an innovative, original contribution to the conceptual and/or methodological embrace of political geography. For journal articles the three years begin once the article is assigned to a specific print issue.  Nominations should include only the citation information and a PDF of the article or chapter. Supplementary statements from the nominators are discouraged. With the exception of current PGSG Board members, self-nominations are permitted.


    1. Stanley D. Brunn Junior Scholar Award. This award will be given to an untenured scholar who has received her/his Ph.D. within the past ten years, in honor of contributions that have generated new interest in the subfield and/or opened up new areas of inquiry for political geographic research. Nominations should include a paragraph (max. 500 words) describing the impact of the nominee’s work in political geography and more broadly, along with a link to the nominee’s institutional or personal website. Self-nominations are not permitted.


    1. Richard Morrill Public Outreach Award.This award will be given to an individual who has used her or his political geographic expertise to affect change (in public thought or public policy) beyond the academy. Nominations should include a paragraph (max. 500 words) describing the impact of the nominee’s suitability for the award, along with a link to the nominee’s institutional or personal website. Self-nominations are not permitted.

     General Information and Rules for non-student awards:

    1. All non-student awards will be based on nominations made to the President of the PGSG, following the rules outlined above. All nominations are due byDecember 1, 2021. The President will then disseminate the appropriate materials of the compliant nominations to the Board members, who will vote at least three (3) weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.


    1. For each award category, a maximum of one award will be conferred each year, with the announcement to be made at the PGSG Business Meeting taking place the next Spring. For each award category, if there are no nominees whom the Board views as deserving of merit, no award will be made.


    1. The PGSG Board reserves the right to determine whether a nominee (or a nominated publication) falls within the scope of political geography.
    2. Nominations byBoard members are permitted. Nominations ofBoard members are permitted. In this case, the board member will be recused from the vote.
    3. Awardees need not be PGSG or AAG members, although awardees will be strongly encouraged to join both groups if they are not already members.
    4. The results of the competitions will be announced to the winners just prior to the AAG Annual Meeting. The awardees will be invited to attend the annual AAG Awards Banquet at the expense of the PGSG. The awards will be formally announced at the PGSG Business Meeting. The awardees’ names and titles will be forwarded to the AAG for publication in the AAG Newsletter.






    The deadline for the Political Geography Specialty Group's 2022 Student Awards is December 15, 2021. Please note these deadlines are due to the “relatively early” AAG conference date.


    1. Alexander B. Murphy Dissertation Enhancement Award:this $1000 award is granted to support dissertation field research of PGSG student members. Up to two awards may be awarded annually. Guidelines All applications should be sent to Dr. Davidson:


    1. Political Geography Graduate Student Paper Awards:this $250 award will go to the best paper on a political geography topic written by MA and PhD students (judged in separate divisions), who are PGSG members. Guidelines All applications should be sent to Dr. Holland:


    1. Political Geography Undergraduate Student Paper Award:this $100 award will go to the best paper on a political geography topic written by an undergraduate student, regardless of membership in the AAG or participation at the Annual Meetings. Guidelines All applications should be sent to Dr. Wilbrand:


    1. Political Geography Student Travel Award:

    Awards will be given to support student travel to present a paper on a political geography topic at the PGSG preconference and/or the AAG Annual Meeting. 

    More information available here:  All applications should be sent to Dr. Erinn Nicely:




    ADDITIONALLY - a reminder - 34rd PGSG Virtual PRECONFERENCE DATE: Friday, February 18, 2022

    PAPER PRESENTERS: Paper titles and abstracts of 250 words or less are due December 15, 2021. Please submit them with 2022 PAPER ABSTRACT SUBMISSION in the subject line to:

  • 34rd Annual PGSG Preconference to the 2022 AAG Annual Meeting

    34rd Annual PGSG Preconference to the 2022 AAG Annual Meeting

    The AAG Political Geography Specialty Group is pleased to announce the 34th Annual Preconference, which will be held virtually on Friday February 18th, 2022. Due to uncertainties regarding event scheduling with the local host and participant travel concerns, as well as cost and technology constraints that preclude a hybrid option, the Preconference will be held virtually this year. We hope this decision accommodates broader participation and provides certainty in the midst of changing conditions. We plan to return to an in-person Preconference in 2023 at the University of Colorado Boulder.


    34rd PRECONFERENCE DATE: Friday, February 18, 2022

    TIME: start time 10 am EST 

    PAPER PRESENTERS: Paper titles and abstracts of 250 words or less are due December 15, 2021. Please submit them with 2022 PAPER ABSTRACT SUBMISSION in the subject line to: aag.pgsg@gmail.comPlease use the template here to prepare your abstract.


    REGISTRATION: Registration will take place online using the AAG's registration software. Details on how to register will be posted soon. As with our past Preconferences, there will be a nominal $20 registration fee for tenure-track faculty. This fee will be charged online when registering and will go toward supporting the use of AAG’s conferencing software and student awards. There is no fee to register for student, post-doc, and non-TT attendees.


    BREAK OUT ROOMS/“Coffee hour”: PGSG will coordinate several “break out” rooms during the Preconference. More details will follow.


    PGSG ORGANIZERS: Kara E. Dempsey ( and Meredith DeBoom (

    INQUIRIES: All inquiries should be directed to the PGSG organizers (Kara and Meredith) individually or at:




  • Announcing the 2022 David Sopher New Scholar Award and the Wilbur Zelinsky Award

    Please see the following announcement for the 2022 Wilbur Zelinsky Award, and forward to any students who may be interested in applying.
    Inquiries may be forwarded to the following GORABS Board Members:

    Chair: Dr. Vincent Artman,

    Secretary & Vice Chair: Dr. Maxim Samson,

    Assistant Secretary: Nathan Burtch,

    Announcement of 2022 David Sopher New Scholar Award
    Announcement of 2022 Wilbur Zelinsky Award
  • Mountain Research and Development Vol 41, No 2 available online and open access

    Mountain Research and Development Vol 41, No 2 available online and open access

    In this open issue, a case study from China shows how bird photography tourism benefitted both biodiversity and livelihoods. Research from the Indian Himalaya examines links between urbanization, hazards, and vulnerability. A global analysis offers insights into challenges for sustainable governance of mountains, and a study on Canada’s mountain systems provides a nationally coherent basis for research, policy, and work on social issues. Finally, another global assessment proposes principles and ways of developing a network of mountain observatories.


    The issue is available online and open access:


    Note that other issues are starting to fill up as well:


    Read about the journal’s section policies, guidelines and submission procedure at:


    The MRD Editorial Team

    MRD Editorial Office, University of Bern, Centre for Development and Environment

  • Applied Geography Conference and AAG Regions Connect Meeting Invitation

    The AGC board of directors is pleased to invite you to attend the 2021 edition of the conference, the majority of which will be held virtually from October 14 through 16. However, we are excited to also announce a partnership with several AAG regional divisions to cooperate on a joint, online experience. Specific conference features to anticipate include:
    • As usual, a wide range of stimulating paper and panel session opportunities will bring together practitioners and researchers from across the spectrum of applied geography.
    • AGC is working to build another great student competition opportunity for students to display their geospatial skills and knowledge
    • Our signature reception networking events will continue online, providing an excellent chance for conference attendees to build new collaborations and meet old friends.
  • Request for GSG member announcements

    Dear colleagues,

    I am compiling materials for the 2021 Geomorphorum newsletter. Please send any news or announcements of general interest to our community for inclusion in the newsletter. 

    Mike Daniels
    GSG Chair
  • Officers (all are two-year terms ending Spring 2023)


    Joe Weber, University of Alabama


    Terrence Young, Cal Poly Pomona (Emeritus)

    Board Members

    Bess Perry, Michigan State University 

    Michael Pretes, University of North Alabama

     Aby Sene-Harper, Clemson University

     Yolonda Youngs, Idaho State University

    Student Representative
    Xochizeltzin Castaneda Camacho, University of Texas


    Seth Kanarr, University of Missouri

  • RDPSG meeting minutes

    Dear RDPSG members,
    I hope this message finds you well. On April 10, 2021, we had the 2021 RDPSG business meeting via zoom. At the meeting, the members have elected the 2021-2022 board members. Attached please find the meeting minutes and the election results.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Yingru and all 2020-2021 board members for their services and leadership. 

    Stay well and healthy! I hope to see you in New York in 2022.

    Felix Liao

    The 2021 Business Meeting of the Regional Development and Planning Specialty Group

    6:15pm - 7:30 pm (PDT), Apr. 10, 2021 (zoom meeting)


    Host: Yingru Li

    Attendance: RDPSG members


    1. Approve of the 2020 RDPSG business meeting minutes 


    1. Briefing about the RDPSG Activities (2020-2021)- Yingru Li 
    • Announced three RDPSG Awards
    • Sponsored a virtual tour of Seattle (more than 30 attendees).
    • Sponsored several paper sessions and one RDPSG signature panel.


    1. Membership report and financial report – Yingru Li


    1. Announcement of the Awards – Yingru Li
    • The A.K. Chakravarti Awards for Best Student Paper and Best Student Research Proposal on South Asia: Vacant
    • The AK Chakravarti Award, Best Graduate Student Paper: Diala Ltief,D. student, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto.
    • Distinguished Service Award: Bikramaditya K. Choudhary, Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
    • The RDPSG Emerging Scholar Award: Stephen McCauley, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Integrative & Global Studies, Worchester Polytechnic Institute University.
    • The RDPSG Best Undergraduate Student paper award: Vacant


    1. Election of the RDPSG Board for 2021-22

    At the meeting, Member-at-large, Chair of Honors Committee, and Student Representative/Media Coordinator were elected.


    The list of the 2021-2022 RDPSG Board members is the following:


    Haifeng (Felix) Liao

    University of Idaho



    Gargi Chaudhuri

    University of Wisconsin La Crosse



    Han Li

    University of Miami

    Chair of Honors Committee

    Bikramaditya Choudhary

    Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


    Director of Developed/Developing Countries

    Arun K. Tripathi

    University of Delhi


    Student Representative and Media Coordinator  

    Megha Shrestha 

    Auburn University 


    1. The board members of RDPSG thanked Yingru Li for her services as the Chair of RDPSG in 2020-2021


    1. Board members agreed that in addition to the best graduate student paper award, if there are more than 2 submissions for the 2021-2022 study paper competition, the second place or runner-up will receive a travel award of $150.


    1. Meeting ended with congratulating the members of the new RDPSG Secretariat Team


    1. Adjourned at 7:10 pm
  • Election Results & the Business Meeting April 10 at 6:15 PM PDT

    The member of the AAG's Paleoenvironmental Change Specialty Group unanimously (with two abstensions) elected the following officers:  
    Dave Porinchu, the new Chair
    Sam Krause, Carlos Cordova, and Byron Smith, PEC Honors Committee Members
    Talia Anderson: Student Representative to the PEC AAG Specialty Group
    Congratulations to all and I look forward to seeing you soon at the Specialty Group Meeting!
    So, please all show up at the PEC meeting below.

     Paleoenvironmental Change Specialty Group Business Meeting

    Add to Google | Outlook | iCalendar

    Type: Meeting

    Sponsor Group(s): 

    Paleoenvironmental Change Specialty Group

    Day: 4/10/2021
    Start / End Time: 4/10/2021 06:15 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) 4/10/2021 07:30 PM (Pacific Daylight Time)
    Room: Virtual 32

    Tim Beach
    Centennial Chair & Professor
    Director, Soils & Geoarchaeology Labs
    Geography and Environment, UT Austin
    Chair, Soils & Soil Processes Division: Geological Society of America
    Soon-to-be former Chair, Paleoenvironmental Change Specialty 
  • AAG Virtual Meeting: Paleoenvironmental Change Specialty Group Business Meeting

    Dear All,

    Please remember to attend the Paleoenvironmental Change Specialty Group Business Meeting on 4/10/2021 from 6:15 PM -7:30 PM (Pacific Standard Time) in Room: Virtual 32!

    We will announce new Leadership after a ballot that will be sent out soon and our annual awards!

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Tim Beach
  • New chair

    Hello All,

    I hope this finds you well. After many years of excellent leadership by Pete Chirico, I am now helming the group. I am in the process of creating a new meeting - and I hope to have a hybrid online / in person annual meeting for us. 

    Please respond with the best time during the AAG Annual meeting (Apr 7-11) to do this.


  • Tenure-track Position: Social Dimensions of Coastal Studies (VA Tech)

    Apologies for Cross-Postings

    The Department of Geography at Virginia Tech is seeking applicants for a tenure-track position in the social dimensions of coastal studies at the rank of assistant professor. Information about the department and university can be found at and

    We seek an enterprising scholar working in the confluence of human geography, coastal economies, society, and environment. The specific research area within coastal studies is open. We welcome diverse candidates who complement one or more departmental strengths in human-environment interactions, sustainability, urban geography, water, medical geography, hazards, geospatial science, biogeography, and atmospheric science. We especially encourage individuals with commitments to public engagement, environmental justice, international scholarship or collaborations with under-served communities to apply. Individuals must have a PhD in Geography or a closely related discipline or program by the time of the August 2021 appointment.

    Applicants should demonstrate excellence or promise in teaching, research, and outreach. The successful candidate must be able to teach engaging undergraduate and graduate courses in human geography including core and specialty courses. The successful candidate will be expected to develop an externally funded research program, a strong publication record, and advise graduate students in our MS program. Opportunities also exist to advise PhD students through the Geospatial and Environmental Analysis program based in our department’s home College of Natural Resources and Environment ( )

    The successful candidate will be invited to join the Center for Coastal Studies ( ), which brings together 50+ faculty from eight of Virginia Tech’s nine academic colleges. The University is pushing the boundaries of knowledge to address complex real-world challenges that cross disciplinary boundaries. In this context, Virginia Tech is increasing interdisciplinary capacity and disciplinary excellence in coastal research and education, with a series of linked hires within the Center for Coastal Studies.

    The Center is affiliated with the Global Systems Science Destination Area       ( ), which examines the dynamics of social-ecological systems. Faculty in this area are collaborating to identify transdisciplinary solutions to critical social and environmental problems. This work promotes the human condition by seeking respect for human dignity, access to critical resources, and equity in physical safety and psychological well-being throughout the world’s diverse communities.

    Recognizing the critical importance of diverse teams, Virginia Tech is working to diversify its faculty by actively recruiting from groups that historically have been marginalized. Virginia Tech is a public land‐grant university, committed to teaching and learning, research, and outreach within the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation, and the world. Building on its motto of Ut Prosim (that I may serve), the University is dedicated to serving in the spirit of community, diversity, and excellence - InclusiveVT. We seek candidates who adopt and practice efforts to increase access and inclusion to create a community that nurtures learning and growth for all.

    Interested persons must apply at, posting number 515045, where they will submit a two-three page cover letter highlighting teaching, research, and outreach experiences and interests, a current curriculum vitae, two recent writing samples (e.g., publications), teaching evaluations (if available), and contact information for three references. In addition, we request a one-page statement describing candidates’ commitments to promoting diversity and working in a multicultural environment.

    Review of applications will begin March 1, 2021 and continue until the position is filled. Inquiries can be made to Dr. Tim Baird, Search Committee Chair, Department of Geography, 215 Wallace Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061. Email: Phone: (919) 360-2933.

    Given the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic, this search will be conducted remotely. Our hope is that, during the negotiation process following the search, the successful applicant will be able to safely visit campus before accepting the position.
  • AAG 2021 - BGSG Student Paper Competition

    Call for Student Papers (apologize in advance for the cross-posting)

    We are looking for submittals to our student paper session at either the graduate or undergraduate level.  If you are a student member and are presenting at the AAG 2021 Conference, please consider joining the competition.  

    Description:  This session provides a forum for research focused on business geography - the application of geographic knowledge and information and geospatial techniques that assists businesses in making specific real-time decisions, including but not limited to retail applications, international business, manufacturing, transportation, energy, finance, and other sectors. This session thus welcomes applied geographic research spanning the economy.

    Awards:  There will be monetary awards for 1st and 2nd place.  Winners will also receive a free copy of Maptitude Mapping Software (

    Requirements:  To be eligible for the competition, the first author of the paper must meet ALL of the following conditions: 

    1. The author is currently an enrolled graduate or undergraduate student;
    2. The author is a current member of BGSG;
    3. The student author undertakes the majority of the research and the drafting of the manuscript;
    4. The student will register for the 2021 annual meeting of the AAG and present at the student paper

    The competition session is organized by the BGSG.  The committee will make final decisions based on the quality of the paper and the presentation at the conference.

    If you would like to participate in the paper sessions at the AAG 2021, please submit your abstract and PIN to Hao Huang ( by January 15, 2021.


  • A SAGE Happy Holidays!