• AAG 2021 - BGSG Student Paper Competition

    Call for Student Papers (apologize in advance for the cross-posting)

    We are looking for submittals to our student paper session at either the graduate or undergraduate level.  If you are a student member and are presenting at the AAG 2021 Conference, please consider joining the competition.  

    Description:  This session provides a forum for research focused on business geography - the application of geographic knowledge and information and geospatial techniques that assists businesses in making specific real-time decisions, including but not limited to retail applications, international business, manufacturing, transportation, energy, finance, and other sectors. This session thus welcomes applied geographic research spanning the economy.

    Awards:  There will be monetary awards for 1st and 2nd place.  Winners will also receive a free copy of Maptitude Mapping Software (

    Requirements:  To be eligible for the competition, the first author of the paper must meet ALL of the following conditions: 

    1. The author is currently an enrolled graduate or undergraduate student;
    2. The author is a current member of BGSG;
    3. The student author undertakes the majority of the research and the drafting of the manuscript;
    4. The student will register for the 2021 annual meeting of the AAG and present at the student paper

    The competition session is organized by the BGSG.  The committee will make final decisions based on the quality of the paper and the presentation at the conference.

    If you would like to participate in the paper sessions at the AAG 2021, please submit your abstract and PIN to Hao Huang ( by January 15, 2021.


  • A SAGE Happy Holidays!

  • Group-sponsored sessions at Seattle AAG 2021?

    Dear colleagues,

    As you know, the deadline to register your oral presentation for the Seattle AAG meeting 2021 is fast approaching by the end of the month. Are any of you interested in organizing our specialty-group-related sessions? How many of you are planning on attending the meeting in person? Please feel free to post your ideas here and/or reach out to me directly be email, so that I would get a better sense of what is out there. Thanks a lot!
  • AAG 2021 Session "Extreme events, urbanization and water security: Case studies from Global south an

    AAG 2021 Session "Extreme events, urbanization and water security: Case studies from Global south and north"


    Sponsored by Water Resources, Human Dimensions of Global Change, Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Groups.


    Ongoing urbanization in many parts of the world has challenged the availability and sustainable water resources management in major cities. Recent extreme events such as wildfires, hurricanes, and floods, combined with the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 amplify the uneven socio-spatial distribution of water security in many urban and peri-urban areas. While there has been a growing body of individual case studies from the global south, only recently have scholars begun to examine water security in the global north in the context of extreme events and continuous urbanization. This special session seeks to present and discuss various geographical approaches to studying the nexus of extreme events, urbanization, and water security at multiple levels in many places worldwide. Theoretical or empirical or methodological studies investigating linkages and feedback among extreme events, land, water, and human systems are particularly welcome. Selected papers will be invited to contribute to a SDG book series on SDG 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.


    Appropriate topics may include, but are not limited to: 

    1. Impacts of extreme events (COVID-19, wildfires, floods) on water infrastructures and use
    2. Effects of urbanization on socio-spatial dimensions of water demand and provision
    3. Relationship between urbanization and water quality in major world cities
    4. Urban political ecology approaches to water infrastructure and drinking water quality
    5. Water security as a human right for all city residents
    6. Mitigation and adaptation strategies for enhancing resilience in urban water resources
    7. Urban case studies on strategies/efforts to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water, sanitation and hygiene

    If you are interested in presenting a paper in the session:

    1. Register and submit your abstract online (
    2. Email your presenter identification number (PIN), paper title, and abstract to the session organizers Heejun Chang and Amanda Frncl by October 28, 2020.


     Heejun Chang

     Portland State University      

    Amanda Fencl

    Texas A&M University

    Marcela Hebe González

    Investigadora independiente CONICET

      Wendy Jepson                                  

    Texas A&M University

  • Call for Panelists: Critical Geographies and STEM Education (Seattle 2021)

    SAGE is pleased to co-sponsor this session at the AAG annual meeting in Seattle in 2021. 

    Please contact David K. Seitz if you are interested.

    Call for Panelists: Critical Geographies and STEM Education

    AAG Seattle 2021


    Are you a critical geographer working at a STEM institution, or a critical geographer who teaches STEM students in significant numbers? If so, we want to hear from you. What challenges and opportunities does your context present for your research and teaching? We are looking for a few more panelists – and many attendees! – to round out a panel session on encounters between critical geographies and STEM education. We welcome contributions on topics including critical geographies of STEM education, the role of critical geographies and the liberal arts in transforming STEM education, critical GIS, and more.



    David K. Seitz (he/him)
    Assistant Professor of Cultural Geography

    Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts
    Harvey Mudd College

    Recent Paper: "'Make This Adult Mess Make Sense Again': The Psychic Lives of Gentrification's Children," Social & Cultural Geography

    More Research:

  • Paleoenvironmental Change Specialty Group Awards and Reminder of Upcoming Votes

    Dear Paleoenvironmental Change Specialty Group,

    Following on our colleague J-P McCool’s Newsletter,  I want to

    1. Reiterate our statement of racial justice to the discussion in AAG and beyond
    2. Announce The Butzer Lifetime Achievement and The Ellen Mosely-Thompson award winners
    3. Coming Soon: Votes

    1. Statement on Racial Justice

    Thanks to J-P for sending around our statement on Racial Justice and Black Lives Matter, a topic that is only becoming more important in all of our fields and society!

    2. Awards

    The Honors Committee met to consider The Butzer Lifetime Achievement and The Ellen Mosely-Thompson awards.  There are so many deserving scholars who have had stellar careers and amazing research published over the last few years.  We are happy to announce The Butzer Lifetime Achievement award goes to:

    Glen MacDonald

    Dr. Glen Sproul dit MacDonald, Distinguished Professor of Geography and John Muir Chair at UCLA




    Glen has had significant scholarship in Paleoenvironmental Research and Biogeography, with over 160 peer-reviewed publications, numerous chapters in books, and an award-winning textbook in Biogeography that gives strong attention the contributions of paleoenviromental research to understanding past and modern species distributions.

    Quoting his nomination letter:

    Glen is known for addressing important research questions on the impacts of long-term climate and environmental change on ecosystems, water resources, wildfire and society. His approach has always been to define critical scientific and societal questions and then determine the best paleoenvironmental techniques available to address those questions. Glen’s research, which incorporates multi-proxy analyses of lake, bog and marsh sediment and tree-rings, elemental geochemistry, stable isotopes, meteorological data, climate models and historical documents, largely centers on documenting the causes and consequences of environmental change – past and present. His research spans the globe.

    Multiple honors for his scholarship including election as a member of the National Academy of Sciences and fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Geophysical Union, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Royal Society of Canada, and numerous awards including from the AAG.  Glen also has a strong track record of external support from NSF and other government funds and from foundations including the Guggenheim and Rockefeller foundations.

    He has supervised over 35 students, received many teaching awards, and is known for his expert mentoring.

    He has a stellar record of service to the discipline (AAG president and other offices, National Academy of Science-National Research Council committees, editorial boards) and to UCLA, and strong and important public service involving articles in the popular press and interviews with major media on climate change and other issues, and testimony before government bodies on climate science and water resources.

    Again quoting from a letter:

    To conclude, Glen’s outstanding scholarship, commitment to teaching and notable service over the last 35 years clearly demonstrates the excellence honored by the Karl and Elisabeth Butzer Award for Lifetime Achievement in Paleoenvironmental Change.

    2b. The Ellen Mosely-Thompson award goes to:

    Jiaying Wu, David Porinchu, and Sally Horn for this paper:

    Wu, J., Porinchu, D., Horn, S.P.  2019.  Late Holocene hydroclimate variability in Costa Rica: Signature of the Terminal Classic Drought and the Medieval Climate Anomaly in the northern tropical Americas.  Quaternary Science Reviews 215: 144–159.

    The Paleoenvironmental Change Specialty Group is pleased to give the Mosley-Thompson Award for best paper published in 2019 to this outstanding team!

    Ultimately, we selected Wu et al because their paper offers an important and timely examination of the regional dynamics and drivers of the Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA). Wu et al. contributes additional evidence necessary to define large-scale hydroclimate patterns during the MCA. This work fills a need for greater spatial coverage of hydroclimate response, and used detailed site-specific analyses and comprehensive review of regional records to support their discussion of potential theories for cooling and drought in southern Central America during the MCA. We particularly appreciated the long-term synthesis, and that their evidence-based discussion was able to rule out some competing theories of change.

    The Honors Committee consisted of Sally Horn (who did not take part because one of her many papers was up for the EMT Award), Matthew Bekker, Anna Klimaszewski-Patterson, and Rachel (Ray) Lombardi. 


    3. Don’t forget our upcoming Elections.  We will have elections for each of these offices:

    Chair: Tim Beach is stepping down from this role after several years so we need someone to take on the mantle of PEC Chair.  Fortunately, we have identified an excellent candidate.

    Honors Committee: We need two members to serve a 2-year term and a student member to serve a 1-year term. Fortunately, we have identified two excellent candidates.

    Student Liaison: Danika Mosher’s tenure in this role will end next year, and we have identified another excellent candidate!

    Watch this space and vote!

    Don't forget that Virtual AGU and GSA Meetings are due very soon:
    Deadlines for abstract submission are coming up: July 29 for AGU and August 04 for GSA.
    _ _ _ _ _
    Tim Beach
    Centennial Chair & Professor
    Director, Soils & Geoarchaeology Labs
    Geography and Environment, UT Austin

  • Help the CCAG Serve You

    Dear Members of the Community College Affinity Group of the AAG, 

    In order to better serve our membership, we have created the following survey to gather information on CCAG interests.  Please fill out the short survey at the link below and help us offer the programs, connections, and information that will help you.

    Any comments or additional information can be sent to Marissa Isaak Wald at

    Reminder to nominate your fellow geographers for AAG Honors.  More information is available here:

    Take care, 
  • 2020 Award Winners & Board Election

    The Asian Geography Specialty Group is delighted to announce the following results from the recent board election and the 2020 Specialty Group award winners:


    1.  AGSG award winners:
      1. Student Paper Competition: 1st Place, Yining Tan, Arizona State University for “Paradox in Gendered Skilled Migration: American Women in China”. Honorable Mention to Sharif Wahab, Indiana University for “Cox’s Bazar City and the Refugee Camps: Production of a New Urban Space through Uneven Right to the City”.
      2. Distinguished Service Award: Helga Leitner and Eric Sheppard, UCLA.
    2. AGSG Election Results
      1. South Asia Director, Dr. Diganta Das, NTU.
      2. Student Representative, Rupak Shrestha, UC Boulder.
      3. The Southwest Asia and Central Asia Director positions remain unfilled. A special election for these posts will be held in 2021.
  • 2020 TGSG Award Winners

    Dear Transport Geographers,


                I hope this finds you all well and taking good care during these uncertain and difficult times. I want to express my best wishes to you and your families.

                 I am delighted to share with you the winners of the 2020 Transportation Geography Specialty Group Awards. We will be posting virtual award acknowledgements on the TGSG website later, and we plan on honoring any awardees from 2020 who can make it to the 2021 meeting in person in Seattle. Please join me in congratulation our winners!


    Master’s Thesis Award:

    Yun-Hsuan Chen, “Determinants of Flight Delays in East Asia: Airport, Route, and Network,” supervised by Jen-Jia Lin, National Taiwan University


    Ph.D. Dissertation Award: 

    Joris Beckers, “The Logistics Sector in a Consumer Driven Society: Essays on Location and Network Structure,” supervised by Ann Verhetsel, University of Antwerp


    Student Travel Awards: 

    Aimee Krafft, University of Nevada-Reno
    Elina Sukaryavichute, University of North Carolina-Charlotte


    Edward L. Ullman Award:

    Dr. Julie L. Cidell, Professor in the Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science at the University of Illinois.

    Dr. Cidell is urban geographer who studies transportation and mobility, urban sustainability, and local government. Her main interests center on the social, political, and environmental contexts and consequences of infrastructure and standards. She has published extensively on the impact of airport expansion on neighboring communities, the political ecology of green buildings, and the spatiality of hazardous materials transport. She is currently working on her third book, “An Introduction to Transportation Geography: Transport, Mobility, and Place” (Roman & Littlefield), and has published 2 other books, 32 peer-reviewed journal articles, 11 book chapters, and 18 other professional reports and reviews as author or co-author. Dr. Cidell is a past chair of the Transportation Geography Specialty Group, was Treasurer and Executive Councilor of the American Association of Geographers, and a board member of several other groups and committees in the AAG. Among her teaching profile are courses in transportation and sustainability, sustainable urbanism, global urbanization and city form, geography and technology, and transportation and mobility. She has also served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Transport Geography and The Professional Geographer.

    She earned her PhD in Geography from the University of Minnesota, and is a past winner of both the TGSG’s Master’s Thesis and PhD Dissertation Awards, as well as a finalist of the J. Warren Nystrom Award of the AAG in 2005. In addition to her position at the University of Illinois, he has held a visiting appointment at the University of Melbourne (Australia), and prior positions at California State-San Bernardino, California State-Sacramento, and as a transportation engineer in Boston. We look forward to her Fleming Lecture next year in Seattle and honoring all our awardees at the TGSG Business Meeting and the Fleming Lecture Reception!



  • Asst. Prof. in Physical Geography (Tenure-Track)

    Humanities and Social Studies Education

    National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

    Faculty Search 2020

    Asst. Prof. in Physical Geography (Tenure-Track)


    The Humanities and Social Studies Education (HSSE) Academic Group at the National Institute of Education in Singapore combines the expertise of scholars and experienced education specialists in history, geography and social studies to deliver impactful research and teacher education programmes. We offer an extensive range of courses focused on both classroom pedagogy and disciplinary content relevant to history, geography, and social studies educators, curriculum specialists, undergraduate teaching scholars and higher degree students. HSSE scholarship in educational practice ─ as well as in the disciplines of history, geography, and social studies ─ is relevant to a range of 21st Century issues fundamental to the preparation of professionals interested in academic careers, school leadership and educational specialisations. HSSE also has several collaborative projects focused on digital humanities, sustainability, and disciplinary thinking that focus on innovations designed to lead practice and guide change in education.

    HSSE Academic Group intends to appoint a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Physical Geography, with preferred specializations in any of the following: 

    • Hydrometeorology 
    • Biogeography / Landscape Ecology 

    This position provides opportunity to conduct research in the applicant’s area of specialization and teach geography content at the world’s #11-ranked university (QS World University Rankings). In addition, there are unique opportunities to link content and geographic education research through the Sustainability Learning Lab and the IoT@NIE Learning Lab. 


    Successful candidates must have :

    • A PhD in Geography, with specialization in Hydrometeorology or Biogeography / Landscape Ecology or related fields, from an internationally acclaimed institution at the time of appointment.
    • Experience with, and an ability to teach, GIS, remote sensing, statistics, and geographic techniques. 
    • A good track record in research, including publication or a promising trajectory in research and publication for early career scholars.  
    • Demonstrated experience leading undergraduate field research.
    • A good track record in teaching both undergraduate and graduate levels as well as in-service professional development courses.
    • Familiarity with the Singapore geography curriculum and the Singapore education system strongly preferred.
    • Excellent interpersonal, communication and technology skills and dedication to academic teaching excellence and collegiality.




    Successful candidates will be expected to:

    • Build up a strong research and publication record.
    • Teach undergraduate-level, post-graduate level and in-service professional development courses in Physical Geography. 
    • Supervise and mentor undergraduate pre-service teachers in their school teaching practice and capstone Geography fieldwork and research projects.
    • Supervise Masters and PhD dissertation work.
    • Undertake any administrative duties or committee work required as exigencies of service.




    Please click the apply button and submit the following documents to us:


    • A research statement
    • A teaching statement
    • A detailed curriculum vitae including a publication list, three writing samples and names of three referees and your desired starting date of employment
    • List of your best publications
    • Any other documents beyond those listed here or requested on the application form that demonstrate your qualifications and credentials



    Closing Date

    This position will remain open until filled.


    Other Information

    For enquiries, interested applicants may write to A/P Ivy Maria Lim at     


    Note to applicants

    We regret that only successful candidates will be notified (via email).