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Term Paper on Environmental Studies and Ecology

Argument for Anthropomorphic Environmental Ethics.
The mechanistic worldview, on the other hand, depicts nature as atomistic, passive, lifeless, and wholly devoid of purpose. Feminist critics of deep ecology's insistence that an anthropocentric worldview is the root cause of the ecological crisis agree that there are important connections between the oppression of nature and the oppression of women that the anthropocentric emphasis of deep ecology obscures. Nature itself is conceived of as feminine. The powerful metaphor of "Mother Nature" allows one to see women and nature as both nurturing and gentle as well as wild and unpredictable. The irrational forces of nature must be tamed by culture and the emotional nature of women must be constructively directed by the masculine force of rationality.

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Argumentative Paper on the Death Penalty.
In this paper an online essay writer presents arguments both for and against the death penalty in the United States

Asian Brown Cloud and Pollution.
There can be no doubt in any ecologist's or environmentalist's mind that pollution has an effect upon our world and out lives. While we are all capable of discerning pollution in the form of smog, exhaust, litter, debris-strewn streets and rivers, many politicians, corporate heads, and other people, try to assert that the threats from pollution are simply too small to be meaningful. Besides, according to the coursework writing service and mindset of the industrial complex, pollution has no immediate effects, and therefore cannot be traced directly to any one source; therefore none are responsible. This, however, is simply untrue. The fact of pollution is that anyone who dumps toxins, garbage, or waste of any kind into any part of the world, is indeed creating pollution. In an age where accountability on any level, personal, corporate or national, is being stressed, one thing must be taken clearly into consideration - the medium and long-term effects of our habits with waste. One of the most urgent issues facing our environment and our lives in terms of pollution, has been the "Brown Cloud", or "Asian Brown Cloud" phenomenon of massive concentrations of air-borne pollutants found above heavily industrialized and wholly unregulated areas. One particular phenomenon the Asian Brown Cloud, originated in China and has been thought to have a killing potential - to the tune of MILLIONS. It is the purpose of this paper to look at the origins, the effects, and the solution to the Asian and other Brown Cloud problems rising in the world.

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