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Term Paper Topics on Legal Studies 

Amnesty International As A Human Rights Organization. 

This is a paper from homework finder that comprehensively presents the role and effectiveness of human rights organizations with a case focus on Amnesty International. 

An Analysis of the Recent Term Limitations Law Placed on New York City Officials. 

This paper will discuss how New York City voted for limitations on how long a public official may spend in his or her office. By understanding this recent event in New York City history, we can see how this has an affect on the present Mayor Rudy Guliani and how this will create change all along the board for New York politicians. This year a new law goes into effect that limits the terms of New York City elected officials, forcing the mass retirement of most incumbents in the city. 

An Analysis on the Sit Lie Law and Discrimination. 

This study will focus on the new Sit-Lie Law in Palo Alto. By recognizing the two-sided coin of discrimination for a law that was meant to keep the streets open, we have dual discrimination against possible people who might simply be waiting for a ride, or homeless. By understanding some of the details of this new law, we can see the problems that may arise from it. 

An Analysis of the Debate about Euthanasia. 

This undergraduate paper examines whether doctor assisted suicide should be legal. The author constructs a clear statement of his position, develops arguments for and against euthanasia, and concludes that the right of a person to die should take precedence over other conflicting rights. 


An Argument Against Legalization of Marijuana.

 This paper will discuss the nature of the legalization of Marijuana in America and argue against it. The topics that will be covered will be medical, criminal, government charging, and the over crowding of jails. By analyzing the negative ramifications of marijuana, we can see the negative affects that will have on the people of America in the future if it is legalized. 


An Argument for Patient Assisted Suicide (PAS) for the terminally Ill in the United States 

This paper will seek to understand how patient assisted suicide should be made as a Federal law supported by all of the court districts in the country. 

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