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A composition is a work written in a free style on a given topic. There are many different forms. The most common are description, narrative, argument. Regardless of the type, the essay is a presentation of ideas and observations.

You will need

Paper, pen, computer.

Instructions for use

1. Decide on the subject and the type of composition. Draw a small design. The first is most often the introduction, which professional essay writers may briefly reveal the main theme or give information about it. Make the introduction short, about 5-7 sentences. Next is the main body. List it by points, e.g. events, dates. For each section, prepare extracts, outlining the main idea. Draw a conclusion at the end of the essay. This is the conclusion, the result, perhaps the moral consequence of the whole composition. It should also not be long, 3-5 sentences are enough. Of course, carry out these steps on a sketch or on a computer.

2. The composition is in no way a retelling, but write down your thoughts about what you have seen, read it. If you are writing an essay on the subject of a literary work and you know it well, you can include more quotations in the text, this is just a plus for your work. Before you begin, write an epigraph that gives a good understanding of the topic of the composition. Of course, if you don't write one, you'll be fine. But epigraphy has always been and will always be an additional decoration of the work.

3. If you use as many adjectives as possible in the text, it will decorate the work, without them the text will be dull and monotonous. Don't write short sentences, add subordinate clauses and clauses, don't create compound sentences.

4. The text should make logical sense. Be sure to follow the chronological order. For example, you cannot first describe the beauty of the winter forest, then say that the hero left the house and headed for the forest.

5. Expand the theme of the work. Do not write about other events or external thoughts. Have a heading - the whole text of the essay should match.

6. Do not use harsh judgements or unreasonable evidence. Use words that demonstrate that you are more often justified on the topic. It seems to me, I think - use these words several times in your composition.

7. Check for errors in the essay. If you don't know the correct spelling of the word or punctuation, edit the sentence again. If possible, print the essay in full in a word processor and check the spelling function.


Writing an essay takes a lot of time, it is not a five-minute job. Free up a few hours to work on it.

Useful tips

Do not recite essays you have already read, but rather write your arguments on this topic.

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