Drew Lehman

Environment and Education

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Environment and Education
370 Colon Avenue
Work: (201) 965-7739


Environment and Education provides workforce development/career pathway education and training. With extensive experience in solid waste recycling/composting, air, and wastewater/stormwater permits and regulations, we help get projects in the ground timely and resolve complex compliance issues. Training targets those seeking to enter or advance their careers in sustainable infrastructure and environment as well as those responsible for managing operating facilities.

Services include:
- Professional skills development trainings
- Experiential learning "bootcamps" and workshops
- Skills gap analyses and trainings in environment, planning, sustainable infrastructure
- Resolving complex environmental challenges at operating facilities via audits and training
- Grant writing and technical report writing/editing
- Personalized career development strategies from entry level to senior managers

We get things done in a timely, cost-effective, way. We are committed to informing young adults in underserved communities about careers in sustainable infrastructure and closing the education/skills gaps needed for entry and success. The firm is certified as a San Francisco Local Business Enterprise (CMD#0817172040) for education and training, environmental advisory, environmental impact reports and solid waste management services.

Job History

Principal, Environment and Education
July 2015 - present