Disability and Geography International Network (DAGIN)

In recent years there have been two significant developments within geography. First, the number of disabled academics is slowly increasing. Second, human geography has started to turn its attention to disability studies. At present, however, both disabled academics and disability studies are poorly organised with little formal organisation. DAGIN aims to be a non-affiliated international network that will provide a platform for and represent disabled geographers and those doing research on disability. The network supports all ethical research regardless of approach.


To provide support and campaign for improved organisational recognition and conference facilities for disabled people.

To provide an international forum for disability and geography discussion.

To encourage geographical research concerning disability issues.

To develop interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary links.

To help organise meetings and conference sessions.


Membership is free and open to all.


The network has no formal, hierarchical structure.

All decisions are circulated amongst members and a consensual approach is taken.

DAGIN news is currently distributed through the GEOGABLE mailing list.

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